Saturday, 21 January 2012

Estancia Christina

This is the view on our incredible Estancia Christina. Who could ask for more. Totally remote and beautiful. Getting here took 40min on the bus and 2h on the boat-thats how secluded from the world this place is. Although, there are daily tours organised here. Imagine how painful would it be to experience this beauty just for few hours and then go back to a busy city after being taken around by the guide who tells you all about amazing horse riding and hiking trips you can do, not mentioning the fly fishing in the purest rivers coming from the glaciers. Very painful! We were the lucky ones who got to do all the exciting excursions. Among was horse riding, that we did twice for 5-6h (yes, it was painful towards the end). What is amazing about the horses here is that gauchos (south american 'cowboys') just love their horses. Here all the horses were daily let go roaming, not only around the Estancia but whole valley!!! Which was miles and miles long. When the riding trip was on, few lucky ones got to carry amazed tourists around, while rest was happily munching on Patagonians vegetation. On the way back from the trip, gaucho took free horses back to stables with the other ones (carrying us) that on the last distance run towards home, no matter how hard you tried to make them just 'walk' there was no chance, for well deserved rest and some food.

On the boat to our next destination...

Estancia Christina.

Roaming freely

I wish I could freeze this moment...

Stables and the equipment

Riding hats, we did look silly in them...

just look! Now fully geared up ready to go.

Juan getting horses ready for our riding adventure

On the back

Horses galloping back to the stables from days feeding.

Another day filled with sun and adventure. This time hiking trip.

Upsala glacier that we saw on our hike.

Interesting formations

Live lichen creates unique picture-like structures on rocks.

Another live organism creates an interesting pattern. Berry.

Dee given instructions by Charlie-fly fisher since childhood years.

Trying his technique
This is the view I was given to spend my time when Dee was fishing and my long time, very close companion...

My boots. They have walked with me a long way.


  1. Beautiful place and lovely pictures!! You are a fantastic photographer!!

    1. Thank you very much for kind words and yes, I admit place was one of a kind!

  2. Hey its been a while sense I last visited. Sorry things have been heckicked around here because we are planning a trip to Idaho. I never traveled that far so this will be a new experience to me..

    I hope I get to see a lot of beautiful mountains and country side. I also hope to be able to ride a horse since its been ages since I owned a horse.

    Great photos! Ping Ya

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment and I understand what it means being busy. As you might see, it has been a while since I have updated the blog, but now back and adding stuff slowly. So how was your trip to Idaho? Did you manage to see what you wanted and experience horse riding?